What is Octatrol?

Octatrol, is an OSX APP that extends scene control functionality from Elektron’s Octatrack to the Analog Four and Analog RYTM.  Octatrol follows Octatrack’s structure and workflow to help make it more hands-off and intuitive for Elektronauts and it’s a perfect addition for live and studio performances.

What do I need to use Octatrol?

Octatrol requires an Elektron Octatrack and at least an Elektron Analog RYTM, Elektron Analog Four, or all three machines.  This app currently runs on OSX  10.8 or later and also requires Elektron Overbridge to be installed.

Three times the power, one tenth the price.

Between the Analog Four and Analog RYTM, Octatrol gains direct access to over 2600 individual machine parameters that can be mapped to any of the Octatrack cross fader’s  16 scenes, spread over 4 parts in 16 banks.  That’s some serious control.

Independently Created

Octatrol is %100 independently created by self taught coder and electronic musician Malfunkn.  The concept for Octatrol came from Malfunkn’s own personal necessity for it.  Hundreds upon hundreds of hours were harmed in the making of this modestly niche endeavor.   Inspired by futuristic retro themed sci-fi graphics panels and vintage game consoles, Octatrol is specifically designed for use as live visuals.  With an app like SyphonInject, for example, users can easily Syphon Octatrol into their favorite VJ app to accompany their performances visually.